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$1.3M USD Cameron Compression Systems: Negotiated best price for client for single source parts.

Large Specialized Parts and Equipment Order: Over 9,000 specialized items were provided for our customer by Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC (WPS LLC). Our Company provided inspection to insure quality, quantities and proper packaging for overseas shipment.

16,000 lbs Of Goods for Overseas Delivery: Personnel from Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC (WPS LLC) photographed, properly labeled, insured, documented and arranged shipping.

$600K USD Original New CAT Spare Parts: Obtained competitive quotes for export in order to provide warranty after the sale. Staff inspected all items for accuracy and completeness. Verification photographs were provided for customer.  Items were packaged, proper documentation obtained, insurance and shipping overseas to end user.

Molecular Sieve: Over 75 tons of 4A molecular Sieve and in excess of 500 cubic feet 1/8” to 1” ceramic balls were procured for a major natural gas refinery.  Our inspection team was on-site at the manufacturer to ensure quality of product, proper packaging and timely shipping.

Explosion Proof GE Halide Lights: Sought and evaluated bids from multiple manufacturers for several hundred explosion proof halide lights. Lumens, light coverage and cost of operation were analyzed for the client. Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC (WPS LLC) analyst provided objective analysis of product to client. Client directed us to order product from General Electric (GE). Properly inspected, packaged, insured and shipped to overseas client.

V Belts:  Sought quotes on a large quantity of V belts for use on large oil field compressors. Manufacturer provided discounts for project resulting in a substantial savings for the end user. Product was delivered in new condition, without damage, sizes and quantities as ordered.

Daniel Meter Controls: Obtained quotes for parts from multiple sources. Provided parts at lowest cost to customer and exported to guarantee proper parts replacement at a fair price.

Trucks And Chassis Parts:  Overseas Company required a wide variety parts for trucks and chassis in use for their operation. Local vendors in their country were very expensive for parts. The oil company sought our assistance. WPS LLC obtained multiple quotes resulting in a lower price than if they purchased locally. Parts were procured, insured, packaged and shipped to end user.

Festo Hydraulic Fittings:  Customer requested quotations for hydraulic fittings from multiple sources. Bid was awarded to Festo by WPS LLC. Parts were ordered, verified, shipped and received by a Nigeria Company.

Firefighting Apparatus & Equipment: An international oil company needed evaluation of firefighting apparatus & equipment, resources and supplies. Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC provided recommendation for upgrades to prevent loss, decrease downtime, and lower cost on items. Apparatus and equipment were inspected during the fabrication process meeting milestone goals and photograph documentation was provided to the company. Inspection and testing was performed at the completion of the project for proper performance. Items were obtained by the customer resulting in greater flexibility for fire control and loss prevention.

200M Cryogenic Plant: A large Nigerian oil company requested a quotation for a 200MM cryogenic plant fabricated in the US for export overseas. Quotation provided a net savings of over $80M US dollars versus the nearest competitive quotation.

Consultation & Evaluation of Hand Tools to be Used in Oil Gas Project: A predominate overseas oil company asked for consultation to evaluate a large selection of hand tools to be used in oil gas project. Analysis was performed for the client. After evaluation Gearench was awarded the order for a variety of hand tools. Items were verified, insured and exported to the oil company.

Boroscopes And Video Monitors: An oil and gas company overseas requested an evaluation of boroscopes and video monitors. An evaluation was performed and provided. Competitive quotes were obtained. Items were shipped and exported to the firm.

Plastic Totes:  A major oil producer overseas requested for bids to be obtained for a large quantity of plastic tote containers from multiple sources. Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC obtained quotes and shipped to chemical supplier in the US for filling of appropriate substances.

Huntsman Jeffcool: An African oil and gas company requested pricing on a large amount of Huntsman Jeffcool or equivalent (ethylene glycol). Bids were obtained from a wide variety of sources. Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC obtained discounts from Huntsman saving the oil and gas company money. Lab results were obtained at inspection, photograph documentation, items properly packaged, insured and shipped to destination.

Compressor Oil: Energy producer overseas needed large bulk quantities of compressor oil. Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC contacted Exxon Mobil, Shell and Citgo distribution sources. Products were ordered, verified, labeled, packaged, insured and shipped. Customer experienced tremendous savings by purchasing from the US instead of from their local overseas marketplace.

Specialty Lubricants: A wide variety of gear oil, grease, and specialty lubricants were evaluated and bid for an overseas customer. High quality was provided to the customer along with substantial savings versus purchasing locally.

Tank Storage:  A major oil company requested multiple batteries of tank storage for lubricants. Worldwide Procurement Specialist LLC contacted several manufacturers for a high quality product at the best possible price. Our goal was to insure proper welding, pump, fittings attachments and coating application during the fabrication. Tanks were inspected, procured, insured and transported to the Port of Houston. Logistics for export were arranged. Tanks were received at the end destination and are in use today.

Parts For John Crane Pumps:  Energy supplier needed single source for a wide variety of parts for John Crane pumps. Parts were verified quoted and shipped to the energy company. Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC provided a needed service saving the company time and money.

CV Ball Valves: Client requested evaluation for a substantial number of CV ball valves. WPS LLC provided an analysis of quality and cost.  Client placed the order for high quality ball valves. Items were procured, insured and shipped to the client.

Independent Consultation and Evaluation of a Gas Plant:  An energy provider asked for an independent consultation and evaluation of a gas plant to be considered for purchase. Several engineers with substantial experience were contacted.  A summary report was provided to the energy provider with clear cut directives for objective 3rd party evaluation.

Pressurization Purging Systems: An oil and gas company needed a large number of air pressurization purging systems. Products were evaluated and Hoffman was selected as the manufacturer. Items were purchased resulting in a 50% savings to the oil and gas company.

Kimray Parts: Single source request for Kimray parts for existing equipment. WPS LLC provided competitive pricing and shipped overseas.

Chart Energy Heat Exchangers: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC was engaged to evaluate heat exchangers. A team was brought in and evaluated fabrication, inspection, and shipment from Chart Energy.

La Marche Back Up Power Supply:  A gas company needed back up power source and supplies for computer and operations equipment. La Marche Manufacturing was recommended to the gas company. Staff engineered proper equipment complete with a “rack system” and pricing was negotiated for the gas company. Items were custom built to the customer’s needs. Items shipped to the end user to provide the necessary peace of mind for daily operations in the event of a power failure.

10,000 Gallons of High Grade Engine Oil: Customer needed in excess of 10,000 gallons of high grade engine oil. Major oil companies were contacted providing bids and objective analysis and performance on Chevron Delo, Shell Rotella, and other high quality lubricants. Customer ordered lubricants from Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC with tremendous savings from our purchasing alliances.

High Pressure Valves: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC was requested to provide advice for specialized ball valves for an oil and gas client. The proper criteria were established for an RFQ by Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC. Bids were sought from several superior manufacturers. The “best value” product was selected and the items ordered, tested, insured and were shipped to the client. This project saved the client both time and money insuring the highest industry standards was utilized.

FEED Analysis: An overseas oil company requested a FEED study for a refinery project. A superior team of engineers were engaged for the export project. A detailed analysis was performed providing an objective 3rd party analysis for the oil company.

Hazops and LOPA: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC was contracted to evaluate recognized firms to provide Hazops and LOPA studies for an overseas gas project. An outstanding firm was engaged providing necessary services for both an oil gas company in Nigeria, National Nigerian Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), and The National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS).

Terex Crane: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC provided an analysis of specific cranes for a client including Grove, Terex and Demag. Terex was selected by the client, ordered, inspected, tested, insured and shipped overseas.

CAT Telehandler: One of our outstanding customers requested an overview of various telehandlers on the market. Several models were evaluated including JCB, JLB, and CAT. The customer ordered a CAT telehandler which was inspected and forwarded by an insured freight forwarder.

Armored Vehicles: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC sister company Reliable Emergency Vehicles, Inc. was requested by a government in South America to design and develop armored vehicle ambulances built within a “shuttle bus” vehicle for protection for ministry personnel.

Ambulance Boats and Ship: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC sister company Reliable Emergency Vehicles, Inc. designs a new flexible and strong interior for marine use with established specialty fabricators.

Ambulances for Saipan: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC sister company Reliable Emergency Vehicles, Inc. designs and delivers ambulances  for the government of Saipan.

Ambulances for Iraq: Worldwide Procurement Specialist, LLC sister company Reliable Emergency Vehicles, Inc. designs and delivers generator and non-generator ambulances.  Ambulances were custom manufactured to withstand high heat, sandy conditions and perform in high temperature environments.





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